How to Create an Office Space That Works


The golden question for office space designers everywhere- how do you create an office space that works?

It used to be simple, uniformity, magnolia and shades of grey were pretty much a given when it came to office space in the past.

However today, with forward-thinking office spaces like Liverpool Science Park, the brief has disappeared. Office space needs to do it all- to promote: community, well-being, innovation, collaboration, flexibility and high standards of design.

It’s a tall order for any design project, so how do you do it? How do you create an office space that works?

The most important factors. In severe opposition to the cubicle misery of the past, office spaces should be flexible, open, light hubs of activity, built for complex humans who need to interact, communicate, work in different ways, leave their desks, participate, enjoy and connect.

Modern builds are light and open, make the most of that when you turn a build into an office space. High ceilings, windows and a sense of space need to come first when you select furniture and fixtures.

Do away with the need for designated meeting spaces and select furniture and floor plans that allow for spaces and areas to be used for meetings and other purposes interchangeably, like Microsoft Milan.

Employees expect an office space to cater for the left brain too. Creativity is no longer consigned to doodling on a post-it. Companies like Lego and Viacom, foster a sense of fun and innovation with slides, doodle walls and other creative furnishings.

Remember that you are dealing with humans. We want to move, eat and spend time with our families. Think about creating quality eating spaces, with choice and opportunities for communal eating. Plan for spaces for community activities and facilities for working parents.

The key to creating office spaces that work is to get personal. The modern worker wants to know that you understand that they are a complex human beings, with a vast range of complex needs. So whether it is treadmill desks or nap-pods make sure that you create a place of enjoyment as well as work.

Do you agree? What do you think are the best features to include in a modern office space? Tell us- we would love to know!

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