Is This The Ultimate Solution To UK’s Housing Crisis? Reviewing Concept Capital Group’s Buy To Let Opportunity


Concept Capital Group is an alternative Buy to Let provider that specialises in marketing & selling prefabricated homes.

The Company emerged in 2018 and claims to have housed over 450 individuals and families since its inauguration. In the following article, we’ll review HOW the Company managed to do that, whether they are credible, and if their Buy to Let opportunity is worth exploring or not.

As the UK stands amidst a housing crisis, millions are affected by the lack of secure and stable homes. We believe innovative and strategic solutions are needed to resolve this crisis. Concept Capital Group’s buy to let prefabricated homes are utilised to house low income or government individuals and families. The home buyers receive a steady rental income, Concept Capital Group keeps a small management fee, and someone out there obtains a lovely home.

How bad is the UK housing crisis?

According to the National Housing Federation, over 8 million people (1 in every seven individuals) in England somehow lack access to secure, suitable, & affordable homes. Similarly, research done by Opinion (a marketing agency) revealed that 52% of adults in the country believe that this is the most serious issue faced by the country.

Unfortunately, rents are becoming out of budget for an increasing number of people, especially in London. There has been a 10.3% annual increase in rents, directly linked to the demand for rental homes, which is an estimated 76% higher than 2018 – 2021. Now top this off with the highest spike in inflation seen in 4 decades, and you get a housing crisis that will only worsen.

Fortunately, they saw the gap in the market and proposed a strategic solution that is socially impactful AND profitable.

Concept Capital Group’s Buy to Let opportunity

In 2016, the largest prefabricated home developer entered the market and soon announced that they would build homes to the British Institutions BS3632 Standards. This means that their homes will be built to a high standard, ensuring they’re suitable for long-term living.

Concept Capital partnered with them, alongside other organisations, to get these homes built, placed on suitable land, and housed with low-income and government-assisted individuals. As per the Company’s website, it raised over £1.5 Million and housed more than 120 individuals and families in the initial eight months of business.

Fast forward to today, and their website shows that they have managed to place over 450 individuals and families in lovely homes. This depicts that the Company has seen rapid growth in the last three years. We also had a look at their client reviews on YouTube, Trust pilot, and Feefo – and to our surprise, they did not have a single negative review.

The Company survived a pandemic and didn’t miss a single payment sent out to its clients – this shines some light on the strengths of their business model. We believe one of the most significant reasons behind their smooth running is that they’re a debt-free company. You can also view their accounts filed publicly on Companies House. Read our article on The Important of Positive Cash Flow and How Your Business Can Quickly Get Out of a Negative Situation here.

Is the Buy to Let opportunity secured?

We did some digging to find more information on whether the opportunity was secured and learned that all the homes sold come with insurance coverage worth the cost of the home. All buyers receive a certificate of ownership upon purchasing the home, and if anything happens to the home, that will not impact their rental income. Concept Capital Group ensures that the home will be replaced, renewed, or maintained free of the additional cost.

CCG also announced that they’re now FCA registered and regulated as an IAR for Pegasus Finance, which is an FCA regulated finance broker. The FCA ran several checks on the Company and gave them the green light, which shows their opportunity can be trusted.

On top of that, we were surprised to learn that they offer their clients buyback incentives (Stated in their contract) – allowing clients to sell their homes back to the Company every two years up until year 12. Many of their clients used the opportunity to park their money, obtain a steady passive income for two years, and then retrieve their money back into their accounts. Compared to the 0.6% returns on saving accounts, they found a 10% per annum yield more lucrative.

What’s the best place to view Concept Capital Group Reviews?

The Company has a presence on multiple trustworthy sites, including Feefo and Trust Pilot. However, the best place to view their reviews is their YouTube channel, where they’ve recorded actual clients sharing their experiences.

We enjoyed hearing from people who are just like us speak about how they saw Concept Capital Group, what they liked about the opportunity, what the customer service was like, and whether they’d recommend the Company to others etc.

However, we do not recommend purchasing a home from them solely based on reviews. It’s best to get in touch with a financial adviser before purchasing from them.

Is Concept Capital Group socially & morally ethical?

According to their website, they focus largely on social impact within society. We were happy to see that they’ve been an ongoing supporter of The British Red Cross and sponsor organisations such as Kiyan Prince Foundation & Brunel University Handball Team.

They also appear to have ESG strategies that promote reduced waste production and reusing paper/plastic products. It’s great to see companies focus more on social impact in a time and space where this is needed more than ever.

Final thoughts

Investing for profit can indeed be rewarding, but we believe the joy of investing in a profitable AND impactful way is indescribable. As a blog that speaks about things that matter in the financial world, we believe Concept Capital deserves recognition for their ongoing efforts toward housing people in the UK.

Though the Company is still young, we see a bright future based on its track records so far. We believe this is an entrepreneurial revolution, and more companies should encourage or practice social entrepreneurship. You can learn more about the Company through their website or visit their Feefo and Trust pilot accounts to read their reviews.


Q) Is Concept Capital Group Safe?

The Company has publicly filed their financial reports and is also present on the FCA register. On top of that, they have several positive reviews on their Trust Pilot & Feefo account by Trusted Customers.

Q) Is Concept Capital Group FCA registered & regulated?

Yes, they are FCA registered and regulated as an IAR for Pegasus Finance as of May’2022. The FCA ran several checks on the Company, after which they announced their partnership across multiple channels.

Q) How is Concept Capital Group’s opportunity secured?

Concept Capital Group offers all buyers a certificate of ownership alongside insurance protecting their purchase. The Company also showcases a track record of positive client reviews on multiple channels.

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