Xero Update UK Terms and Conditions


Xero have sent an email update to subscribers advising that their T’s and C’s have changed.

Check the details on update in full below.

We’re transitioning to a new billing system and have made some changes to our payment terms that could affect the way you are billed. Please take a moment to have a look at our new terms of use because if you continue to use Xero from 1 July 2017, we’ll assume you’ve read and agreed to them.

Here’s a quick look at what it means for you.

FROM 1 JULY 2017

Cancelling a Xero subscription
Starting from 1 July 2017, you’ll need to provide a month’s notice to cancel a Xero subscription. You’ll still be able to use Xero as normal during the notice period and you’ll have time to make sure everything’s in order before your subscription ends.

Credit card payments
We’re changing when we take credit card payments to the day you’re invoiced, just like a lot of other subscriptions you pay by credit card. At the moment, we wait 10 days after sending invoices until we take credit card payments. To minimise any impact on your cash flow, starting from July we’ll gradually reduce the 10 day period by taking payment two days earlier each month. So, by November, payment will be taken from your credit card on the same day as you’re invoiced.


Payment in advance for subscribers new to Xero billing and transfers
From 1 August 2017, if you’ve never paid Xero for a subscription before, your payment will be taken in advance.

As you are an existing Xero subscriber, we’ll continue to take payment for your subscription for the month used. However, if you transfer your subscription to someone else, and they’ve never paid Xero for a subscription before, they will be billed in advance.

Want to know more?
To find out more, check out the list of FAQs or read our blog.

Although you might not be impacted by these changes, we wanted to ensure you have plenty of time to prepare.

Gary Turner
Managing Director UK & EMEA

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