How Content Marketing Can Help Your Business


Many up and coming businesses are seeking help from search marketing agencies to help improve search engine visibility, drive relevant traffic to a website, improve brand awareness and for a host of other reasons.

As well as popular services like SEO & PPC, content marketing is becoming a popular way of strengthening a number of factors across your site through blogger & editorial outreach, social media and content marketing campaigns. In order to create an engaging and creative campaign it’s best to seek professional help from agencies like who specialise in content marketing and can help you get the best results possible.

What is a content marketing campaign?

Made up of a number of services such a blogger outreach and social media, a well thought out content marketing campaign helps towards brand awareness, ROI and search engine positioning. Many content marketing campaigns are based on a creative asset, whether that be an infographic, eBook, video etc. Through the use of a number of outreach skills the asset can then be shared with bloggers, websites and publications to help build awareness around the campaign and help deliver relevant, authoritative backlinks to your site.

What can content marketing do for your business?

With the different services that make up content marketing, you can expect to see high quality backlinks being built to your site, engagement from relevant influences, as well as building awareness around your brand. A large number of businesses turn to a content marketing campaign for a quick result but it should be looked at a service that can help you over a long period of time. Creating an interesting campaign that engages your audience will not only benefit you but it will be something that influencers want to be involved in and share on their site. By using relevant influencers this will also display a good message to search engines showing that your site has trust and authority.

How is social media used?

Once the foundations are in place and you’ve outreached to relevant influencers who want to be involved in the campaign, it’s then that social media comes into play. Each campaign has a bespoke hashtag which can be monitored through a number of platforms. Most influencers will want to share their completed article on as many social media channels as possible, in order to attract users to their post. By asking them to share the hashtag when promoting their post, means you can see what type of engagement the campaign is getting and potentially any feedback that may improve the next campaign.

When broken down a content marketing campaign is made up of several high quality services that can help your business in many ways. The search marketing industry offers many platforms but content marketing is an organic way of strengthening ROI, brand awareness and rankings on search engines.

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