How to Analyse Trends in Forex?


There are many traders who do not know how to analyse trends when it comes to market prices and patterns.

For them, Forex and currency trading can be confusing and worst case one can end up losing a great deal of money. This article aims to give you tips that will not only help you analyse trends, but how to also save time when analysing.

Remember this market is not only for analysing, but for making a profit too, if you spend all day just doing analysis and never actually trading you won’t make any money!

Analysing market trends is very important. Many retail traders don’t know how to trade the market with educated and managed risks.

By taking big risks many end up losing a significant portion of their investment. So how do you manage your risk exposure?

The answer is very simple. You have to learn trade management. Trade management skills will help you to deal with losing trades.

Even if you face a long losing streak you can easily change the overall outcome by using proper risk management.

Being a new investor you should not be overly concern about your investment. If you can manage your losing trades you will be able to safeguard your trading capital.

Daily time frame analysis will always give you high-quality trade setup in the CFD trading industry. You might have to wait for a long period of time to get a clear signal but at the end of the day, quality will always beat quantity.

So stop overtrading the market and focus on the long-term market trend. Quality will always beat quantity in Forex market.

Candles & technical indicators

You shouldn’t only use the prices to know the trends as that would not be enough in itself. If you can use technical analyses and indicators with your trend analyses, it will give you better data and information of the market.

The most simple technical indicator you can use is the Japanese candle. Have a look at some videos or articles to gain a better understanding of what the candles mean. You will see them in pretty much all graphs and trading software systems, so understanding them is vital.

Know the price patterns

The easiest way to start your analysis in this industry is to know the price patterns. It may seem a little hard at first but when you know where the prices are going, it will be easy for you to make your decisions, especially as there are many strategies that can tell you what the prices could be.

One of the popular strategies that are used by traders is the price action trading strategy. This strategy is used by professional and novice traders alike and the strategy is all about the prices. If you use this strategy only once, you will find that it is better than most another strategies.

We are focusing on the price so that we can analyse the trends, because this is all that matters in trading – the price of the currency pairs that you are trading! If the prices move and your trade is open, you are at risk of losing your money.

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