The History Of The P2P Lending Industry


A short history of the P2P lending industry, in the form of an infographic.

Up until 2005 if you wanted a personal loan you essentially had just a couple of choices: speak to a bank, or find a specialist loan provider.

P2P is a third option, whereby you can borrow money direct from individuals who have invested their money via a P2P lending platform.

Investors lend their money via the platforms, and in return they get the promise of a cut of the interest that borrowers are charged.

Each platform works slightly differently, so of course read the details carefully before taking out a loan or investing your money.

The infographic gives a super-interesting history of P2P, starting with the launch of Zopa in 2005 – end with a prediction of where the P2P market is expected to be in 2024 – and with loads of milestones inbetween.

View the full infographic below:


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