How to Cut the Cost of Christmas, Without Cutting Corners


Christmas has the potential to be rather on the expensive side…an understatement as that may be. But if you’re out to maximise your enjoyment of the festive season while keeping costs to an absolute minimum, there are ways and means to make it happen.

It’s simply a case of getting a little creative with the usual standards – the following 10 tips representing a good place to start:

DIY Crackers

First up, why spend £10 on a box of store-bought crackers, when you can easily make your own for far less? All you’ll need is a few simple craft supplies – not to mention a bunch of toilet roll tubes – to create a stockpile of crackers with so much more meaning than the generic variety.

DIY Gifts

And for that matter, why not take things a step further by putting together your own DIY gifts this year? If stuck for ideas, you can count on anything edible whatsoever as the perfect gift for just about anyone. You’ll find a thousand and one simple video tutorials on YouTube if in need of a little inspiration.

Price Match

Hold onto those receipts and make use of the price-match offers most shops operate these days. After all…why pay more for the same product when it’s on sale for a lower price elsewhere?

Shop Online

More often than not, the lowest prices for anything and everything can be found online. So before heading out to do your festive shopping the traditional way, see how much you could save online.

Pound Shop Hampers

Never underestimate the value and versatility of pound shops and discount stores at this time of year. Tour the aisles, pick up a bunch of assorted goodies and create your own customer Christmas hampers or gift boxes for next to nothing.

Post-Christmas Offers

If there’s anyone you probably won’t be seeing on Christmas Day itself, you may as well hold off on buying their gifts until the sales start. Just one day after the big day, prices tend to take a serious tumble.

Clear and Sell

Make now the time to put all those bits and pieces you no longer want or need on eBay. Not only will this help raise funds for Christmas shopping, but this is also the time of year when eBay shopping peaks on a global basis.

Discount Dinners

Stick with in-season vegetables, consider frozen foods and maybe even swap the turkey out for a chicken this year. Most people actually prefer chicken to turkey in the first place!

Set a Budget

Spending with no limitations in place can be a sure-fire recipe for spending too much. Think about what you have, what you need and what you can afford – then set yourself a budget and stick to it like glue.

Remind Yourself…

Last but not least, take the time to remind yourself that Christmas really doesn’t have to be about spending vast sums of money, or handing over gifts you really can’t afford. Focus on what really matters – spending time with those closest to you and perhaps…if you’re lucky…a couple of well-deserved days away from the office with some questionable Christmas TV!

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