Selling Your House Soon? Here’s Why You Should Use Local Services


We all know that the admin costs of moving home mount up pretty quickly. Every essential service or consultation adds another fee – so it can become tempting to look for ways to cut a few corners. With something as important as buying or selling a house, though, it’s important to get that expert care and attention.

Deciding to go for a cheaper alternative may represent a false economy: your house may be valued incorrectly, or you might end up spending more money trying to fix things if there’s a problem.

Knowledge of the local area

Selling Your House Soon? Here's Why You Should Use Local Services

How well your property sells can be very reliant on the local market. So, it stands to reason that expertise from somebody who knows and understands the area will be helpful. A local estate agent will be aware of similar properties that have been sold recently, and this information can make it easier for you to present your house in the right way.

It will also help with viewings, as they will be able to share their local knowledge with the prospective buyer. With some online services you need to arrange and run your own viewings – this isn’t necessarily a bad idea, but you need to make sure that you have the time as well as an understanding of what buyers need to know.

Get a more accurate valuation

Online estate agents will often use general information taken from the internet to make their valuations, which might not be as complete as it could be. A high street agent should have the information needed to make a more accurate valuation. A bad valuation could be very damaging, either costing you money if it’s too low, or causing delays in selling if it’s too high.

Expert help for hard-to-sell property

Selling Your House Soon? Here's Why You Should Use Local Services

This is only applicable for a smaller percentage of sellers, but if you live in an unusual property that needs a buyer with specific interests then getting the right knowledge will be absolutely essential. You need to find a specialist estate agent who can give your unique building the care and attention that it deserves. In many cases, a local company will have someone on their team with knowledge about unusual properties in their area.

Your different service providers will have a pre-existing relationship

An often overlooked but surprisingly helpful perk of choosing local businesses is the fact that the different companies will probably have worked together before. Choosing a conveyancing solicitor that is recommended by your estate agent, for instance, means that communication between the two is likely to be quick and efficient. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a team that’s held in high regard by other professionals.

Of course, there isn’t one option that’s right for everyone; make sure you choose an option that fits your specific situation, and if you’re not sure where to start then consider seeking specialist advice. But we think these are great reasons for you to go to your local estate agents and use a local conveyancing solicitor.

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