Atlassian Launches Slack Competitor: Stride


Software and project management tool provider Atlassian has launched a new team communications tool called Stride.

The market is already pretty competitive to say the least, with Slack and Microsoft Teams two of the big players.

Atlassian must have decided they could do it better, and with their reputation for quality software that gamble may pay off.

“We believe that a communication tool should help people talk less and do more. None of the products in the market today tackle the problem of workplace communication head-on,” – Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder and co-CEO of Atlassian.

Stride is Atlassian’s first major new product launch since the acquisition of Trello, an inventive project management tool used by tens of thousands of creatives and agencies around the world.


What is Stride?

Stride is a rich team communication solution that combines features such as voice & video chat and collaboration tools with the more standard chat and direct messaging features.

With a rich feature set and built in video chat tools this potentially puts Stride ahead of more limited competitors.

The app also builds on a lot of the features you can find in HipChat, Trello and Atlassian’s other tools, bring them together into one package.

“We built Stride to bring all the varying ways teams communicate – through text, voice, and video – together into one place. Teams that communicate effectively accomplish more throughout their day because they have the freedom to focus on on the things that matter most.”

Stride also allows for a multiple other integrations with Atlassian’s other tools, and also third party software.

To get help with Stride or other Atlassian tools you can work with a specialist partner organisation such as Accxia.

Accxia, are a specialist consultancy and training provider based in the UK, USA, and Germany, and are an Atlassian Gold partner organisation.

Are you planning on using Stride, or are you going to stick with Slack or your company’s existing app? Let us know in the comments.

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