Are Our Christmas Spending Habits Increasing Our Debts


Is the cost of Christmas shopping quickly adding up, yet you find you still have a lot more you need to buy?

Christmas can be an expensive time of year, but how much are we spending? 247Moneybox have produced the infographic below to show the result to a recent survey they conducted on the cost of Christmas.

With social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram it’s no wonder people feel the need to have the perfect looking house ready for Christmas guests, and the ‘must have’ presents for friends and family, but is it maintainable?

If like 33% of the respondents to the survey you find you need to use credit to fund Christmas, then it would be wise to consider whether you’re over stretching your finances.

You can create your own budget to gauge were your spending most money and need to cut back, or seek help from charities such as StepChange who can help look at your debts to reduce some of your Christmas stresses,  and hopefully enable a more manageable Christmas in the future.

Infographic Source

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